Not lost yet




I was lost and alone in the streets of Majadahonda,Spain in the wee hours of the night..2.30am.

Like any typical tourist, I had forayed too far from my planned itinerary, alighted at the wrong bus-stop and was far from where I should be. Totally frustrated and perhaps a little scared too…I unwillingly trusted my ‘sense of direction’, walked with a hurried pace, clutched my bag close and gave my best shot at the tone-deaf whistling I do. Not a soul in sight except for a car or two whizzing past. A li’l doggie sprinting my way surprised me and brought the smile back in a snap.
Caught my breath again, stepped aside on the grass, held my torturous heels in hand and walked. A quite night, starry sky above, cold gentle breeze blowing through the hair, moist grass beneath the bare-feet..that was one of the best moments in life!

I’ll have this simple memory to tell me when I’m clueless again (!) that I’ll find the way somehow. All I’d have to do is let my hair down, hum a song and walk the path.
And just as that day,  I also know that God will walk me through my fears, I might even catch him whistling along my favourite tune, and I’d reach.. like I did the Riviere’s home that night.

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