I wouldn’t complain if this was my ear-worm!

Imagine a slow dance….a slow poised dance between two equally expressive and mesmerizing dancers. Both equally powerful; where one reveals suave, the other grace. They pace and own the floor as they lead and follow, swirl and sway, be led and lead. Not stealing the thunder from each other, rather hypnotically guiding our attention to the other than to themselves.

This ensemble is precisely what I think AR Rahman’s music and the legendary poet Bharathidasan’s lyrics have done together in the song “Avalum Nanum”.

It’s been quite a long while since I lost touch with Indian mainstream music, but mighty glad this one somehow made it to my ear. I’m one of those people, who peer down the Spotify playlist and think: ‘I know I handpicked you to be on my favourite list, but nah..not you right now’..and butterfly hop across the shuffled tracks until something seems right for the now. this song is an exception. I can pretend to be neurotic and listen to it overandoverandover anytime.

If any English speaking friends read along my banter : I’m raving about a recent contemporary composition to the borrowed lyrics of a 1950 classical ‘two-words’ Tamil poetry. The poet describes how his love and him belong together, comparing to vivid metaphors in everyday life (simple ‘non-cheesy’ elegance).
I wouldn’t do justice even if I could translate. However, there’s a flute piece in the song, give it a hear. It’s delightful and will make up for lost time reading this 🙂

#aniyum_panivum #avaiyum_thunivum #uzhaipum_thazhaipum #avalumnaanum #chanceailla    p.s: I’m assuming the original video will be a let-down..deciding not to watch when it comes out..never ever.

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