Father’s Day

To all the Dads, who in excited impatience paced the hospital floors to welcome their kid.
To all the Dads, who freaked out when they knew they were going to have one, but couldn’t wait to give the best of this world to his li’l one.
To all the Dads, who taught us all they knew: to change bulbs,fix that creaking door, throw a frisbee, make the perfect garden bund, solve that trigonometry mess.
To all the Dads, who swelled up with pride watching us, mostly flattered yet built and boosted our self esteem. More so to all the Dads who didn’t know how to say it in words, but could only muster a faint smile n nod.
Who always knew how to make our rebellious spirit retreat with a quiet stare or their stern one-liners :

  • ‘don’t slouch, Keep your shoulders straight’, 
  • ‘put them back right where you took it from’, 
  • make your life worthwhile for you and others’ , 
  • ‘Don’t you dare take that tone with your mother’.

To all the Dads, who though fiercely overprotective, slowly learnt to step back and let you make your own adventures.
To all those Dads, who were just naturally knew how to be the best fathers, equally for those who only learnt it on the job making mistakes.
To those Dads, who just couldn’t be or had no time to be a good father but try now, to those who turned out to be the world’s amazing grandfathers.

To all those Dads,Brothers,Uncles,Teachers, or any of the other blessed father-figures
Here’s, a thank you on this Father’s Day for your life and ours!

And now to close off, here’s a beautiful ode to fatherhood… And that’s a favourite of both Appa and me.